Frequently Asked Questions

What is an appraiser?

An appraiser identifies and provides a value for a piece of property. The report created by a certified real estate appraiser is called an appraisal, and is used to provide real estate valuation in a variety of situations.

Why would I have an appraisal done?

Appraisals are done for many reasons, such as estate planning, buying a home, determining value for insurance, or tax purposes. The most important factor to be concerned with is choosing an experienced, knowledgeable appraiser to perform your appraisal.

Why choose a professional appraiser?

Professional-quality appraisals can’t be done quickly or cheaply. Like any other product or service, you get what you pay for.

What type of appraisal do I need?

It depends why you are having the appraisal done. Are you planning to appeal your property taxes? Have you inherited land that you want to sell? Looking into filing for bankruptcy? When you work with one of our expert appraisers, you’ll decide together what property appraisal best suits your needs.

Where can I find a professional appraiser in Georgia?

If you are located in the Atlanta metropolitan area, contact us to be matched with a state-certified appraisal expert who can support you in the appraisal process. If you are located outside Atlanta, visit the Association of Georgia Real Estate Appraisers to find a reliable professional in your area.

What are some questions to ask potential appraisers?

  • Ask the appraiser about his or her appraisal education, professional designations, and how they qualified for those designations.
  • Ask for references/recommendations from current and former clients.
  • Ask how the appraiser’s experience and/or expertise relates to the particular appraisal you need performed.
  • Ask if they belong to a professional appraisal society and if that society teaches, tests, and accredits.
  • If they belong to a professional society, ask if that society has a mandatory re-accreditation program to ensure their education and knowledge are current.
  • Ask what continuing education the appraiser has undertaken to keep up-to-date in the field.
  • Ask if the appraisal report you will receive is USPAP-compliant (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice).
  • Make sure all your fee-related questions are answered before you sign an agreement.
  • Make sure the appraiser explains exactly what your appraisal report will include.